The accreditation of coaches and maintenance of coaching standards is a high priority for skate Australia. This web site is designed to ensure that all relevant information is available to coaches and officials alike.
Thanks to the efforts of coaches at all levels Skate Australia continues to develop quality skaters at all levels. From the world champions and medalists produced by coaches of the quality of Charmaine Bond, Debbie Mestrinho and Jayson Sutcliffe through to the quality under 10 development skaters. All are equally important to ensuring the development of the sport of Roller Skating in Australia.


The Artistic coaches accreditation scheme received a major revamp in 2012 to not only streamline the accreditation process but also to provide a better development path for all new coaches to the sport and ensure the highest possible standard of coaching nationally. In order to be ready for the new structure which came in July 12th 2012 coaches with older level accreditations (Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2) should contact their local AAC representative and ensure they know what they need to do in order to smoothly transition to the new structure.
As of the 2013 National championships ALL coaches MUST have their "Intermediate Coaching General Principles" in order to coach at national Championships (Level 2 old courses or Advanced new courses). This course can be done online or through local Australian Sports Commission courses or even other ASC approved providers of Intermediate Coaching General Principles
As part of the restructure in 2012 and improved support to new coaches, the Intermediate level (Equivalent to old level 1) only allows coaching at nationals with a mentor coach. Coaches wishing to ensure they can coach on their own at nationals are advised to complete the ADVANCED coaching course to ensure they can qualify.
As with all ASC approved accreditation courses RCC (Recognition of Current Competency) apply. Coaches can ensure they have the necessary competency by either completing an Advanced Artistic coaching course or providing evidence of required competency level (Intermediate Coaching General Principles MUST be completed or equivalency proven)
Current Courses:
Development Coach - League level only, state championships with a mentor coach (Replaces previous Level 0)
Intermediate Coach- State level only, national championships with a mentor coach (Replaces previous Level 1)
Advanced Coach - National / International level (Replaces previous Level 2)
Elite Coach - Top International level coaches (Extends previous Level 2 to recognise high performance coaches)
Old courses (Pre 2012):
Level 0, Level 1 General, Level 1 Figures, Level 1 Dance, Level 1 Freeskating, Level 1 Pairs, Level 1 Precision, Level 2 Figures, Level 2 Dance, Level 2 Freeskating, Level 2 Pairs
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