The Development Coach course is designed for coaches of development level skating. The development coach course is Active as of July 12th 2012 and replaces the previous level 0 course. This page contains all of the resource material for the Development coaches course in artistic roller skating. The links below contain resources both for participants of courses and also for presenters of courses.
The Development Coaches course is the entry level for Artistic coaching at a state 4 star and league level only.
Development Coach course outline and registration
Development Coach new accreditation application and workbook
Development Coach updating manual
The Development Coaches resource material is provided to assist presenters and coaches in the course requirements. Technical information on skating boots and wheels have been provided courtesy of Roll Line and Risport. These companies are not the only boot, plate and wheel manufacturers and they are not endorsed by Skate Australia but their technical information is appreciated and acknowledged as a guide for coaches and presenters alike.
A guide to teaching and assessing basic artistic skating skills
A guide to dance plates - courtesy Roll Line
A guide to figure plates - courtesy Roll Line
A guide to freeskate plates - courtesy Roll Line
A guide to Artistic boots - courtesy Risport
A guide to Artistic wheels - courtesy Roll Line
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